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Published on 11-11-2019

Hello dear members,
This site is an advertise site, there are no payments
all the credits you earn serves only for advertising
My site has a big advantage is that prices are the cheapest among all other PTC
If you did not want clicked you can deposit with payeer from 0.01 $

With advertising you will win thousands of customers / referrals

Good day to all

Get 1.00 $ free in purchase Balance !
Published on 27-10-2019

Create a youtube article or video that talks about with your referral link and earns $ 1.00 in purchase Balance immediately by just sending a support message!

PTC Ads Price
Published on 20-10-2019

Hello dear Members,

I send dozens and dozens of payments a day
so that the site is not in loss, I put ads less expensive but there will be a lot more of ad to visualized for you encouraged.

Make this ptc a stable site that lasts in time
I want to do a long term ptc, who will pay everyone!

The advertisers part is less expensive 0.07 $ for 1000 ptc ads views, I think I'm the cheapest among all the ptc on the planet !! :)

the sponsorship is now unlimited, you can autan as you want, you win 100% of the clicks

Good day to all !! :)

Promo deposit
Published on 18-10-2019

Hello Members


Promo deposit Limited !


deposit $ 10  get $ 17.50 

deposit $ 100 get $ 190.00

deposit $ 1000 get $ 2500.00


Good Day !





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