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Frequently Asked Questions
How can I credit my account to buy advertising or referral direct ?

En : Payement processors in perfectmoney - payeer one was added, if your payment is not credited to your account I do it manually just after

Ru : Платежные системы в совершенных деньгах - добавлен плательщик, если ваш платеж не зачислен на ваш счет, я делаю это вручную сразу после

Fr : Processeurs de paiement en perfectmoney - payeer a été ajouté, si votre paiement n'est pas crédité sur votre compte, je le fais manuellement juste après

Es : Procesadores de payeer en dinero perfectmoney  se agregó uno de pago, si su pago no se acredita en su cuenta, lo hago manualmente justo después

Déposit bitcoin :  min 10 $ - max 5000 $ adress : 15Dsdu5GHA3B34cUN9MuyDy6xEJ1td5tHQ


 then send a support message with your transaction number

I would immediately credit


How much do you win with direct referrals ?

- You earn 25 % of the clicks of your direct referrals


What does the site pay?

Yes ! , we pay only on payee wallet for the moment, the minimum payout is 0.10 $ pay the same day

What is the inactivity rate not to be exceeded?

The inactivated rate is 90 days, no connection in 90 days and the account is deleted

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